Adam Dallas Barnes
UI/UX Designer – Media Producer

‘Creative’ is what i do. My strong ability to visualize, conceptualize, and execute on multiple media landscapes sets me apart from the rest. My roots reach far back to my pre-teen years where i wrote and directed short films. I spent the majority of my High school days perfecting my hand illustration and painting skills and enhancing them in digital platforms.  At University,  i finessed all of these hobbies to an invaluable ability to visually communicate a message through creative means…*breath*
I have dedicated my last 10 years (since 2007) to the energy sector and loving every gritty, grueling second of it. I have written and directed films in a variety of very hot and very cold locations, using state of the art equipment, and sometimes just my iPhone. I have rebranded a $14b. company and developed interactive user-interfaces for web, tool software, apps, and tradeshows. I have created hundreds of print templates and graphic designs that are currently used all over the world.  I dare say that i am dedicated to my craft.
For hobby, i have founded several web-based companies, currently creating revenue using eCommerce and advertisement  platforms, and marketing through all social media platforms and google ads. I have a self taught knack for sales and customer service and my favorite thing in the world – is closing a lead.

Want more info? Send me an email and ill gladly tell you my life story. We have only begun to scratch the surface…

Modern UI/UX/Web Design
Graphic Design
Video Production