Modern UI/UX wire frames, video production, interactive and graphic design. Web/graphic/film/interactive/exhibition. Strong ability to visualize, conceptualize, produce, and deliver quickly, without sacrificing quality and maintaining brand integrity. Experience with leadership, orchestrating multiple projects in multiple medias – resulting in a seamless product. Ability to think critically, creatively, as well as positively in a time sensitive environment. Best work produced under pressure. Enjoys working in teams, always providing valuable constructive input. Strong communication. Extensive experience using Adobe and Office tools. These tools are met with instructional design training to maximize the end-users experience, and an unprecedented passion for designing modern, functional, and responsive websites/mobile applications. Seven years of experience within the Oil and Gas Industry, Corporate Marketing and Investor Relations. Current on latest trends designing for UI/UX, and social media/digital marketing. Drone Pilot. Modern fine artist.